Custom solutions

Affordable custom solutions with short lead times

In addition to standard machines, RKsolutions also supplies custom solutions . Machines and solutions that fully meet the wishes and needs of our customers, which cannot be realized with our standard machines. Developments can be designed, tested and realized within a short time at attractive prices.

Production automation

Custom solutions are often interesting or even necessary for new or very specific applications of technology or when using technology in fully automated production lines.

New functions and features

If possible, we first look together with the customer for the possibilities to adjust and expand our existing laser machines so that they meet the requirements and wishes of the customer. 

Development & realization of new laser machines

If an adjustment or extension of our machines is not enough, RKsolutions also offers the possibility to develop a completely new laser machine. The starting point is the specification, requirements and wishes of the customer. Together with the customer, we look for the best solution that fits the budget and available time.

From idea to full-fledged production machine

RKsolutions has extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of sensor technology, electronics, mechanics and software. Combine this with extensive experience in project, process and product development and the perfect mix is created to bring new developments from proof of concept, to prototype and product within a short time, including CE certification according to the machine guidelines and laser safety requirements. Also during the release project, RKsolutions offers support if desired to further optimize the process and settings.

Your flexible partner 

Flexibility is key within RKsolutions projects. We adapt to the wishes and requirements of the client. And come up with practical and feasible solutions based on our knowledge and skills. RKsolutions can take the lead in development, or take a supporting role in the field of laser technology.