Advice & support

We will work with you to find machine that best suits your needs and application. In addition, we install and train based on your needs. We have a teaching package for schools so that you can quickly fit the machines into your education.
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We have our own service team for maintenance and problems. On the support site you can find the latest software, manuals and frequently asked questions. We have most parts in stock, so your machine never stands still for a long time.
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We ensure that our machines are safe at all times on all fronts: electrical, the moving parts, the processing of gases and vapors that are released and, above all, operator safety. This allows you to be sure that you can really work safely.  read more

Make what you want with the latest machines from RKSolutions.

We provide smart solutions so that you can get started quickly, safely and simply. We supply machines that allow you to assemble, weld, inspect and package end product. We adapt, expand and make them safe to work with. We offer you personal advice and practical training. We provide maintenance and support so that you can always count on your machine.